The 5 classic and simple style wedding stationery elements that are basic

There are many types of weddings: the original ones, the ones that are really different and surprising. And others of a more traditional nature. If this is your style, we are going to present you the collection of classic wedding stationery that you need so that your big day has that traditional and simple image with which you identify.

After some time listening to the opinions of many wedding couples, we have discovered that there is an important part that wants their B-Day to be simple. That is to say, they are looking for wedding invitations like this, simple. One of those that remember the classics of a lifetime but with a modern touch.

What must be made clear is that simple does not have to be synonymous with boring, old or out of fashion. That is to say, a traditional and simple link is equal to elegance, more traditional basic lines but with a modern air, very much of our century. Do you want your wedding to be like that, to convey that beauty of classic weddings that never go out of style?
You will like the Classic Wedding Collection. This simple design may even be what you're looking for as your link image.

The basics of classically inspired wedding stationery are:

1. Classic wedding invitations but with modern writing

The invitations in the Essencial Classic Event Set are inspired by more traditional invitation cards. The most classic and austere, in rectangular format and black font. But the original thing about these classic and traditional style wedding invitations It's the way the couple's names stand out.

As you can see, they are written in a larger size than the rest of the text. The font typology is the key to giving it that classic and modern look at the same time. At the same time, it gives it such a simple air that it makes the link card perfect as it is.
You can choose the color of the paper between white or blue. There are also other colors for the envelopes.

classic wedding invitations

2. Accompany the invitation with the wedding registry card with the account number

To expand the details of the wedding invitation without reloading its text, a good option is to add the card for the Essencial account number . Although it is also the perfect place to detail the exact address of the place where the ceremony or subsequent banquet will be held . Or the couple's phones or the schedule that the buses will have, for example.

Classic wedding stationery, account number cards

3. Waiters for classic style table numbers

Our favorite item from the Essencial wedding collection . The simple and elegant waiter It is simply spectacular. In addition to being pretty, it is useful. Because it is the element with which the tables are numbered where the diners must sit at the banquet to celebrate the wedding.

We say they are spectacular, because those large numbers in black. They have an elegant line that highlights the simplicity you are looking for so that your wedding has an aura of eternal classic.

Classic wedding stationery waiter with table number

4. Classic Minutes for a very current menu

Like the wedding invitations, the Essencial minutes from the Classic wedding collection maintain the sobriety and elegance of the simple and classic style.

This element for events that is designed with a classic and traditional style. Its elegance makes the menu of a good banquet stand out.

Classic wedding stationery minutes with menu

5. Labels for the gifts that you will give to your wedding guests

The last (but not the least) of the Essential Classic Wedding Collection items is the wedding gift tag that you will give to guests during the wedding reception . A small gift that serves as a sign of gratitude for attending.

It has the wedding logo and looks like small wedding invitations. Of course, its design captures the simplicity and modernity of this collection . You can find them in two formats: as stickers or for tags to hang from the gift .

Classic wedding stationery, gift tag

You can find the different elements of the Essential Wedding Collection within the online store.

As well as other classic wedding invitation designs with all the other elements to match.

And what we want is for your wedding to be an elegant and unforgettable event.

Do you prefer the classic and traditional style or are you a modern and ground-breaking bride?

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