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Invitaciones de boda con diseño personalizado con acuarela Invitaciones de boda con diseño personalizado con acuarela

Tell us your story and we will create a personalized design for you.

so you can celebrate the wedding you really want

Let's start organizing your link where every detail is thought out and taken care of to the millimeter. Where each element has the same coherence and where you express your own style. Because, in the end, the small details are what last in the memories of your guests.

Imagine your wedding day

Invitaciones de boda con diseño personalizado con flores en acuarela

Saying "I do" to that person who makes you so happy and surrounded by those you love most. A wedding where every detail is exactly how you have imagined it your entire life.

Minuta para menú de boda personalizado diseñado por Invitaciones de Papel

Because you've always known what your wedding invitations were going to be like. You've had them in your mind for a long time and now you want them to come true. If you want, we will create all the complete stationery so that the entire celebration has the same image

From wonderful personalized cards, to invite your favorite people. Even every detail of the banquet. For example, a beautiful seating plan, the waiters, the minutes, a spectacular welcome sign... Everything you can imagine and everything will be matching.
You like it, right?

This is the design we want to prepare for you


Personalized down to the smallest detail and to your liking. It is the only way I can transmit your essence and your story. Let them tell you: "This invitation is very much yours"

quality material

Premium range paper, always ecological, manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. Thick, resistant that does not break. And high-quality envelopes that match perfectly

Colors and images

We will advise you on the most appropriate color palette for your design based on the style of wedding you are organizing, as well as the photos, illustrations or other graphic materials you want to include.

Up to you

No one knows better than you exactly the design you want and what you imagine. We will present you our proposals and recommendations, but the last word is yours.

How are we going to work


You explain your idea to us in detail

Normally it will be a meeting with Débora (one of the founders of Invitaciones de Papel) by videoconference. There you can tell us all the details of what you have in mind, how you imagine your invitation.

And we can assess if we can help you. If so, we will present you with a proposal of what we can create.


Before starting to create it is necessary:

1. We assign you a designer who will only work for you exclusively. You will have it to yourself for a month.

2. You make a small reservation

3. Send us the text, photos, data, information... for the design

4. We formalize the order

And now we can start!


You will receive two sketches based on your idea

About 15 days after formalizing the order, your designer will send you two design proposals to your email. It will offer you envelope and color options.

And you will also be able to see the design of the accessories you have chosen (stamps, sealing wax, linings, extra cards...).

You can choose one of the two and we will continue working on the chosen option.


We will show you how it looks

Every time you ask us to touch up something, we will send you the design again so you can see how it looks.

We will do this up to 4 times. But you can make all the modifications and touch-ups you want to make it look just the way you want it.

The only thing you will have to do is make a list of all the changes you want to make after receiving the design in your email.

Invitaciones de Boda estilo Vintage, Flores en Acuarela y Sobres Artesanos

The couple confirms the design

We only print when you tell us it is exactly how you want it.

When you give us your confirmation, we begin printing and preparing the invitations so that you receive them assembled and ready to deliver. You won't have to worry about anything else anymore.

Finally, we send your order to your home.

We can help you with invitations and your wedding stationery.


If you want us to start creating a unique design for the wedding of your dreams, book your no-obligation meeting and tell us what you have in mind.

We will analyze your idea and tell you what we can do so that not a single detail is missing on your Big Day and it is just as you are imagining it at the moment.

So that it reflects how you are as a couple. So that the design expresses exactly what you want to tell your guests with it. So that the memory of your wedding lasts over time, no matter how many years pass.

If this is what you want at your wedding, you are in the right place. For example, you want a themed wedding about your favorite city. Do you have a really peculiar hobby and want your wedding to revolve around it? Or you want a very simple and elegant celebration... The limit, in your wedding, is only set by you .

I want a custom design but I don't have a wedding

If you are organizing a party such as a silver or golden wedding , a birthday ... We can also help you prepare all the details you may need. Leave us a message at CONTACT or write us an e-mail at and tell us what you are thinking about. We will give you a quote without obligation.

Hello, we are Paper Invitations



We are Débora and Leonor, sisters and founders of Invitaciones de Papel.

We design wedding invitations that are out of the ordinary, that are not typical, come on. We also make all the matching stationery so that your wedding is remembered for years and everyone wants a wedding like yours.

Leonor has been a graphic designer for more than 20 years and Débora has been a journalist. Since 2017 , our professions have allowed us to help more than 300 couples see their ideas (no matter how impossible they seem at first) become a real design that they can see, touch, and impress everyone attending their weddings with. .

Now we want to help you.

So that your guests call you to ask where your invitations are from and leave them speechless.

Invitación de Boda Floral Acuarela con Sobres Artesanos - jadde Invitación de Boda Floral Acuarela con Sobres Artesanos - jadde
Explain us your idea. We want to meet her.

And, without any type of commitment, we will tell you what we can prepare for your wedding.

Simply ask for more information about your custom design in the questionnaire you'll find when you click the button.

Shall we start?