6 original gift ideas for first communion guests

The day has come.

Your little one is going to celebrate his First Communion. And they are so excited that your main concern is that they don't miss a single detail on their big day. Also, enjoy it so much until your suit or dress is completely destroyed.

And, one of your concerns is to find the perfect gift for the guests and that this first communion detail is original.

Admittedly, this can be a challenge, but don't worry, we're here to help!

And that's why we are going to give you 6 original gift ideas for First Communion guests. From small personalized details to unique gifts that will surely surprise the recipient.

You will find options for all tastes and all budgets.

What kind of gifts can you give at a first communion?

Well, it all depends on the style of the communion. And this will mark what you want to give to the guests as a souvenir of this important day for your little one.

That is, it depends on whether you are looking to surprise your guests with a detail that lasts over time.

You want it to be a personalized gift so that they remember your little one and how beautiful their communion day was. Like bookmarks or personalized first communion reminders.

Maybe you are looking for it to be a more fun and original memory. Or differentiate it by age or family proximity. That is, a children's gift, a gift for the grandparents, another for the babies in the communion... and a generic souvenir for everyone.

As you can see, the options are many, depending on your approach.

What to give to the guests of a communion?

On your little one's first communion, it is important to choose gifts that reflect the importance of this celebration. Because it is a very solemn event.

But this is not at odds with the details of what will be given to guests at a communion being practical. Or that are significant for those who attend the celebration.

So, one of the options is that you choose and value the possibility of giving spiritual memories, also that promote family unity and gratitude for accompanying your little one on this special day in their life.

Gifts in a communion should be an expression of gratitude and celebration. From religious objects to practical or symbolic gifts, there is a wide range of options to choose from that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

What details are usually given in a communion?

When it comes to celebrating a first communion, the details make the difference. Usually, gifts are intended to surprise guests with unique and original options.

And you can achieve this both with small personalized souvenirs and gifts that reflect the most spiritual part of the event.

Some of the most popular details for a first communion are, for example, original gifts that can be kept as special souvenirs of this important day.

From small religious prints to pendants and bracelets with symbolic motifs.

In short, with the gift, the aim is to convey a message of gratitude and affection to the guests, for having attended and accompanied your daughter or your son on this important day that has been prepared for so long.

On the other hand, you can also opt for other personalized elements, such as engravings with your little one's name and the date of the communion.

It is also important that when looking for gifts for guests at a communion , you keep in mind that they reflect the personality of your girl or boy.

Below you will find a selection of original gifts, so that each of the people who attend your celebration takes away a special memory of this very special occasion.

Souvenirs for guests of an original communion

If you are wondering what I can give to the guests at a communion , we are going to help you find the personalized and original communion details that you will get right.

And when it comes to gifts for communion guests, originality can make the difference.

As you know, at Paper Invitations we always bet on everything that is personalized and unique. Details that you will not find in any other celebration because it has been created exclusively for your event. .

And, furthermore, they must be gifts that last over time and that are out of the ordinary that you can find in any other communion. Because imagine your face, if your little one goes to another friend's communion and finds the same gift that was distributed at theirs.

6 fabulous ideas to give to guests at your little one's first communion

Now, we detail these 6 original ideas to give to communion guests and make their experience even more special.

They are all personalized and original details, as well as useful so that your girl or boy's communion will be remembered for a long time.

1. Magnet with communion photo

A magnet with a communion photo is a nice detail to give to the guests of a communion.

This type of gift is useful and at the same time it is mixed with the most sentimental part. Since it is personalized with a photo of the little one, it will be an unforgettable memory for all attendees, because it is also a detail that lasts a long time.

And it is practical, because it can be used in the refrigerator at home, in the office or on any other surface

Additionally, if you want, you can receive personalized photo magnets for communion wrapped and ready to deliver to your guests. And, thus, you no longer have to do that work. You will save time preparing it and you can dedicate yourself to other organizational tasks.

Communion Reminder Magnet with Photo

2. Personalized opener magnet with photo for communion

The bottle opener with magnet is also personalized with a photo of the little one who is going to take communion. Although you can choose it only with its name or with an image painted by hand in pencil.

It is also among the practical gifts for guests.

By bringing the photo of your daughter or son, guests will keep it as a nice memory of this great day for the little one.

The opener magnet with photo for communion is one of the most chosen options to thank the guests who have attended the celebration.

And as in the previous case, you can receive them wrapped and prepared to distribute, so you save time with communion preparations.

Communion opener magnet with photo and name

3. Personalized communion notebook with photo and handmade

This gift is 100% handmade. They are bound one by one in an artisanal way.

Choosing notebooks with photos to give to the guests at the communion , once again, means betting on practical details.

It is a notebook sized notebook, which inside has 40 blank pages so that the youngest guests of the communion can use it to write, to draw or for whatever they want.

In addition, all the paper it is prepared with is ecological, because its manufacturing process is environmentally friendly.

Communion Gift Notebook with Photo - elegant

4. Placeholders with Scrabble-type initials

One of the most original gifts that your guests can find at your little one's communion are the placemarks with initials like Scrabble letters, which can also come with a magnet to make the detail much more complete.

They have a double function. On the one hand, as place markers or table positions they indicate to each person which seat has been reserved for them. Therefore, they are personalized with the initial and name of each guest.

This way, each guest will feel special, because everyone has a place with their name.

And on the other hand, these placemarks with Scrabble letters can be taken as a gift if you add the magnet option on the back. And it will serve as a decoration on your refrigerator or any other place.

As they are like the letters of the legendary game of Scrabble, many of the guests will bring back memories of their childhood.

Why not invite everyone attending the communion to a game of Scrabble during the event and use these placeholders as tokens? It sure is fun.

Wedding placemarks with initial in scrabble letter

So much for the gifts to distribute to all the guests in general. But if you want to make a detail with specific guests such as your little one's grandparents or godparents at baptism. Here we leave you two more ideas, with which you will surely get it right.

5. Personalized sheet with a photo as an illustration

If there is a perfect gift to surprise the grandparents or the godfather and godmother of the little one who takes communion, it is the personalized sheet with a photo that is made as an illustration.

It really is an original and totally emotional gift, perfect for the most special guests for the girl or boy who has taken communion.

This option allows you to transform a photograph into a unique work of art, immortalizing a day or a memory for everyone.

We assure you that this sheet with illustration-type photo will be a fond memory that grandparents or godparents will keep forever. And they will put it in the most prominent place in your house to show off to all your visitors.

Personalized Sheet with Family Photo and Phrase

6. Sheet with the photo of the grandfather, grandmother, godfather or godmother

And with this sheet a bit of the same thing happens as with the previous one, which is an emotional gift. Reserved for special people for the boy or girl who has taken communion.

These paintings with photos will be a very nice souvenir that those who receive them will keep with great affection.

And there you have it! Six wonderful ideas to surprise guests at your little one's first communion.

Most are personalized and unique details. Above all, they are original gifts for the first communion. It doesn't matter if you are looking for something that will last over time or a more fun and original memory, here you will find the inspiration you need to make this day an unforgettable moment for everyone. Get ready to celebrate in style and fill every heart present with joy on this special occasion!

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