We have anticipated your doubts and have already answered the questions that we know you have

Do you still have questions about Paper Invitations that keep you from sleeping?

As your rest is essential for us, please write us an e-mail to:

We will respond to you within 24 hours or 48/72 if it is a weekend or holiday.

How can I make a purchase?

The purchasing process is very easy.

Choose the product you want to buy and mark the quantity you need. For example wedding invitations. In this case, depending on the model, you will find several options to customize the design a little (colors, illustrations, envelope...). Then fill in all the spaces with the necessary information for us to design the product you have chosen.

Then, click "Add to Cart" . If you want to continue shopping, follow these same steps with all the products you want.

Once you have everything ready for your wedding or event, click on the cart drawing (top right) and choose "checkout" . If you have a discount code, remember to enter it before finishing.

How do I complete a purchase?

Once you have selected the products you want to buy, click on the cart drawing (top right) and go to “ COMPLETE PURCHASE” .

There you will find the place to write your personal information , the place where we have to send it and you can also choose the payment method .

How can I pay for my order?

You have several payment methods: credit card, Bizum, PayPal or transfer.

I want to place an order, but it gives an error. What I do?

Write to us and tell us the problem. We will offer you an alternative so you can place your order, while we review what is happening.

Shipping costs

We ship to all of Spain, including the Balearic and Canary Islands. And also to countries of the European Union.

For more complete information, consult our Shipping Policy.

At the moment, we do not ship to Ceuta and Melilla.

Do you ship to Ceuta and Melilla?

We're sorry. At the moment we DO NOT ship to Ceuta and Melilla.

We hope to be able to do it very soon.

How long does it take for a shipment to arrive?

We send orders by an external courier service.

We will send you an email to let you know that your order is on its way.

  • Peninsula - 48/72 hours
  • Balearic Islands - Between 7 and 10 working days.
  • Canary Islands - Between 7 and 10 working days.

This DOES NOT MEAN that when you make the purchase we will send it to you immediately and that you will have it a few days later. Instead, shipping time begins the moment your order is printed and packaged. That is, first we make your design and once finished and printed, we prepare the shipment .

The couriers have been delayed in delivery or the package has arrived damaged, what do I do?

You will have to contact the delivery company itself.

Because from the moment your order leaves our workshop and we leave it in their hands, the courier service is SOLELY AND ABSOLUTELY RESPONSIBLE for ensuring that you receive the package within the stipulated time and, of course, in perfect condition . They are the ones who must ensure that delivery times are met and it is from them (and only them) that you should demand it.

In the same way that if the courier shows up at the address you have given us and no one answers, they will call you. If at that moment you cannot pick up the package, you will be the one who must be responsible for arranging a new one with the delivery person.

You can let us know if any problem of this type occurs and we will help you in everything we can to solve it as soon as possible, but you must understand that we send shipments to an external company that is not part of Invitaciones de Papel. For this reason we cannot control or organize the work rhythm of another company.

I have made my own design and I need someone to print it. Can I send it to you?

No, we are very sorry but we cannot help you.

We only print our own designs . We do not offer external printing services.

Do I have to buy the invitation envelopes separately?

Of course not.

The envelope is also included in the price of all invitation models. Both wedding and first communion.

Is there a quantity discount?

The truth is that there isn't. Our price is fixed for any quantity you purchase.

Because it is the guaranteed minimum price. The one you would pay for 200 or 300 units. You will always pay the lowest price.

That is, it is the price you would pay for 250 or 300 invitations, labels, reminders, regardless of how many you need, whether they are 300, 50 or 25.

Because it seems very unfair to us that you have to buy a very large quantity of any product for the price to be reasonable , when you may only need 20 or 30 units.

What does the price of each product include? Is it a definitive price or are services such as design, printing... added?

The price of each product you see in the online store is the final one.

This price includes design, printing, cutting, material and VAT.

That is, everything except shipping costs.

Although it is true that later you can find accessories for each product that are optional and that you can choose to buy them or not.

Can I order samples of wedding invitations? Can the sample be customized with my text and data?

Clear! You just have to ORDER YOUR SAMPLES HERE 

You can choose up to 2 models of invitations that you would like to see.

Additionally, if you order your invitations after ordering the samples, we will deduct the cost of shipping the samples .

The samples are not personalized , they are sent with a generic text and photo (the models that include it) . They also do not include envelopes.

Do you also send envelopes with samples?

No. We're sorry. Only cards are sent.

How can I customize the products in the store?

Well, the truth is that you don't have to worry about anything. We are the ones who are going to do it for you .

All you have to do is provide us with all the necessary information and we will create the design. In the online store, on each product sheet you will find blank spaces.

There you have to write all the information we need. When the design is ready, we will send it to you digitally by email so you can see the result.

Will I be able to see the designs before printing them?

Of course . Both in products from the online store and in personalized designs.

We will send you the design in digital form so you can see how it looks.

After viewing them, in the response email you can point out any adjustments to the text that you think are necessary. So that the product is just the way you want it.

You will receive the design in digital format for the first time:

  • Product from the online store : between 3 and 5 business days, after confirming your order.
  • For custom designs: between 5 and 7 business days.

For both cases, work begins once payment for your order or the first installment of the personalized service has arrived.

And this usually takes a couple of days for both card deposits and transfers.

The following exchanges are sent between 2 and 4 days (always Monday to Friday, except holidays). It's faster, because the design is already done and you only have to make small adjustments.

On weekends and holidays we rest . Therefore, we will not send you the proofs on those days. You understand that our designers take a break, right? That is, if you place your order between Thursday and Sunday or a holiday, we will receive the payment the following Monday or two days after the holiday. Therefore, the first test takes a couple of days longer.

All proofs are always sent by e-mail from the email address

What can I customize? Can I change the design of the product? The price goes up?

Each product in the online store indicates which elements you can customize .

In invitations for weddings and first communion and the rest of the products such as waiters, stamps, labels... From the online store you can personalize the basic information of the event (such as names and date), the text of the invitation and, if it includes an image, send us the photo or photos that are included in the design.

On the other hand, in decoration and prints it usually involves changing a phrase, adding a dedication and also the basic information of the event.

If we talk about the design itself, small tweaks can be made . For example, change the font for another style that you like more, raise or lower the intensity of a color. We can also remove a small detail like a heart or an arrow because it doesn't convince you, as well as add others with which you identify more...

That is, we will touch up details as long as the general design of the product is maintained .

But if you want to make a major modification or add an element that would mean retouching the initial design, the best thing you can do is tell us your idea .

And we will make an assessment. If we consider that it does not affect the design, we will change it without problem.

Otherwise, we will create a budget so you can make a decision.

Do I have to buy a minimum quantity of the products?

Yes, there is a minimum order for some products. Although it is true that the minimum quantities are quite small, thinking about the most intimate events.

You will see it in the information of each of them.

How many changes can I make to the design

When we talk about changes in designs, we are referring to touch-ups and small modifications. We are not talking about changing the design from top to bottom.

You can indicate these changes when we send you the digital design by email. After viewing it, you must reply to us with a list of EVERYTHING you want to retouch . Why do it like this?

First, because if in the same e-mail you explain all the modifications that you think are necessary, it is very fast. And you will receive your order much sooner .

Otherwise, it becomes a long, boring process that makes it seem like you will never have your products at home.

And second because you have a limit of free touch-ups . We assure you that they are more than enough, really.

The thing is that we have verified that, depending on the product, each design can be ready in a specific time.



The maximum is 3 free digital shipments with exchanges. Really, they are more than enough, because in this case, with a couple of design tests it is ready (we tell you this from experience). NO ONE (until now) has needed more than 3. The usual thing is that you only have to touch up typos in the text such as some misspelled words, incorrectly placed semicolons and little else. And this is very fast.

From the fourth test onwards, there will be an additional cost of €60 for each extra test.


In this case, what is limited is the time spent working with each couple. It will be a month.

If in that time, you have not approved the design. You will have to wait for your designer to have time again and can resume the work for you.


The maximum is 3 emails with the design proof . Because, after many orders, we have verified that practically all personalized sheets (both those that only have a phrase and those that also have a photo) are ready in a maximum of 2 design tests.

Each extra test will cost €60

We recommend that you carefully read the conditions of custom designs. As we said at the beginning, making changes is retouching the design you have requested. But if when you see it, you don't like it and you want another design, this is doing a new job and has specific conditions.

Can I order products (such as invitations) in multiple languages? The price goes up?

Yes, of course you can order your products in several languages

And NO, the price does not increase. It costs you the same .

You can indicate everything in the order form.

You just have to provide us with the text in the languages ​​you want your order and indicate the quantity you need in each language. That easy.

Can you send me the logo in digital format of the design I have chosen so that I can send it to other suppliers of my event?

We only send it if you have contracted the “Custom Design” service . You will receive it upon completion of all work.

But if it is a design that is for sale in the online store , we are very sorry, but we do not send or transfer the designs in digital format . When we talk about designs we talk about a part such as the logo of the invitation or the entire set. You have it explained in the Terms and Conditions of Sale. Because we can create everything you need for your wedding.

And just imagine. You make your wedding dress to measure and once the work of the designer and the dressmaker is finished, you pick up the dress. When you have it at home, you ask them for the patterns and notes they used to make your dress, because you want to take them to another dressmaker, because they want to make a similar dress for a client.

It makes little sense, right? Because they both do the same job. Well, that's what happens when they ask us for our designs to give them to another professional who also designs.

Can I cancel or return my order?

Returns are only accepted on "non-personalized" products. That is, those that are not made to measure because they do not have photos, texts, or your information.

Returns are not accepted for the rest of the products.

Regarding the cancellation of the order:

Online Store Products


  • The customer can cancel an order in the online store before completing the purchase process and making payment .
  • The customer can request the cancellation of the order up to the day after placing the order . If payment has already been made, we will refund 100% of the amount paid . In this case, you will have to send an e-mail to to process the cancellation. The date of receipt of said cancellation request will be the one that appears on the date of receipt of the email.
  • Paper Invitations will cancel an order if payment is not made within 3 days of purchasing it through the online store.


In the case of products from the online store with personalized data, photos and/or text from or for the client who has already started the design and/or printing process, a refund of the amount may be requested in the following cases:

  • 70% of the amount paid will be refunded – If the customer cancels their purchase when between 2 and 5 days have passed after placing the order on the website . Because the design team has already started working. In this case, you will have to send an e-mail to to process the return and cancellation. The date of receipt of said cancellation request will be the one that appears on the date of receipt of the email.
  • 50% of the amount paid will be refunded – If the client cancels their order when the designers have created their product and they have seen the result of the digital design by email . In this case, you will have to send an e-mail to to process the return and cancellation. The date of receipt of said cancellation request will be the one that appears on the date of receipt of the email.
  • Returns cannot be made – Once the customer accepts the digital design that is sent to them by email and gives their consent to start printing or manufacturing the product. In this case, the client is agreeing to:
  • Returns cannot be made – When the customer receives their finished product.

“Custom Design” Service – Exclusive design for the client


  • The client can cancel this service before making the first installment payment . You must send an e-mail to to process the cancellation. The date of receipt of said cancellation request will be the one that appears on the date of receipt of the email.
  • The client can request the cancellation of the service until the day after making the first payment . We will refund 100% of the amount paid . In this case, you will have to send an e-mail to to process the cancellation. The date of receipt of said cancellation request will be the one that appears on the date of receipt of the email.
  • Paper Invitations will cancel an order if the first installment payment is not made within 3 days following confirmation of contracting the service.


  • 70% of the amount will be returned - If the client cancels the service contract when between 2 and 7 days have passed after making the first installment payment . Because the design team has already started working. In this case, you will have to send an e-mail to to process the return and cancellation. The date of receipt of said cancellation request will be the one that appears on the date of receipt of the email.
  • THE AMOUNT IS NOT REFUNDED – When the exclusive design service is canceled after seeing the first design of the products ordered from Paper Invitations. The payment of the first installment of the exclusive design service will be assumed as payment for the work carried out so far by the designer assigned to work exclusively for the client.
  • THE AMOUNT IS NOT REFUNDED – When a design has been agreed upon, it begins to be created and, then, the client decides to stop this first job and start with a new, totally different one. The financial deposit paid at the beginning will be taken as payment for the work done so far. To start with the new design, we make a new budget based on your idea and will involve the payment of another down payment.
  • THE AMOUNT IS NOT REFUNDED – When the client has given consent and confirmation to print a digital design sent by e-mail. In this case, the client is confirming:
  • THE AMOUNT IS NOT REFUNDED – When the customer receives their finished product :
Why are the colors of the products in the store and the digital proofs different from those of the product I received?

The truth is that it is not normal, but it can happen. Although we must clarify that always, ALWAYS, the product you receive is exactly the same as the one the designers prepare .

If we send it to you it is because the design team has created it with those colors (neither lighter nor darker). And all the photos from the online store or the proofs that you have been receiving by email have been created


And the different configurations of the screens of each computer and mobile devices on which the product is displayed can produce that slight difference with the reality of the physical product.

Even if you look at the same photo on our website or the proof of a digital design on different screens, each one may seem to have a more intense color than the other.

We would also like to clarify that, as this is a situation caused by an element unrelated to Paper Invitations, in the event that this occurs we will not be held responsible.

First of all, because the design and printing colors are EXACTLY the same. And, secondly, because it is impossible for us to know how the color and intensity of your screens are configured.

Therefore, returns or exchanges of any product will not be accepted for this reason.

I want a custom design, what do I have to do?

If you want personalized wedding invitations or banquet stationery with a specific design that is not in the online store, go to the CUSTOM DESIGN service page (which is below) and request an evaluation of your idea.

You will find a way to tell us what you want and we will respond with the best proposal for you.

On the other hand, if you have searched in the online store and cannot find what you are looking for. If you have an idea for other types of products and other events in mind, write us an e-mail to or call us at 634 58 52 54.

We will give you a quote without obligation.

Do you only make the products that are in the store? I'm looking for something specific and I can't find it, can you help me?

When in doubt, ask us . Because we can create for you practically any stationery or decoration detail for your wedding, your anniversary, your children's baptism or communion, or a birthday.

It is true that you can only find certain products on the web. But if you have other details in mind and you don't see them on the website, ask us . Especially if they are stationery for events or decoration.

For example, you like cones for rice or petals, signs for the sweet table or dance shoes... Well, anything you can think of.

Well, count on it, because yes, we do it for you. Although they do not appear in the online store.

Are you looking for decoration ? We can create many details and where we do not reach, we achieve it so that you do not lack detail in your wedding.

So, our advice is: if in doubt, write us an e-mail to or call us at 634 58 52 54 (you can also write to us on Whatsapp).

I have ordered a personalized design with specific characteristics and I have accepted your proposal. But later, I thought of another idea that I like better. Can I change the design when the first idea is already being created? Does the price change?

If you have a new idea that you like better than the previous one, we will give you a new quote .

If, finally, you change to this new proposal, you will be able to benefit from the new price.

But you should know that what you have paid so far will serve as payment for the work done so far.

And if in the end, you cancel the agreement, no payment or refund will be made.

Once a personalized design with format and a specific price has been agreed upon and payment is made for it, changes can no longer be made to the size, type of paper, whether it has string or not...

From now on you will be able to indicate tweaks to the design. That is, colors, fonts, text distribution, drawings...

I have already seen one or more tests of my custom design. But I had another better idea and I want to change everything, make another completely new design. It's possible?

Yes, of course it is possible . But we will have to make a new budget based on your new ideas.

If you accept it, the process will start again .

That is, what you have entered so far we will assume as payment for the work done. And the charge will be made again for the new work that you have ordered.

REMEMBER THAT WE DO NOT RETURN THE AMOUNT OF THE FIRST TERM OF THE “PERSONAL DESIGN” SERVICE when you have already seen one or more proofs. Nor is it applicable to the new job.

You have everything explained in detail in the Terms and Conditions of Sale .