6 easy ideas to decorate corners of your wedding like Pinterest

What bride wouldn't like to have a magazine wedding? With perfect decoration, taking care of even the smallest detail, ensuring that everything is studied and measured... How many hours have you spent looking at and taking ideas from wonderful corners that you love for your B-Day? Thousands and thousands, not to mention the sighs and the woes ! that you have exhaled when seeing a beautiful decorative corner . Well, don't worry because you are going to discover a lot of alternatives so that you can achieve that magazine wedding that you are so excited about.

In this post, we have selected original ideas to decorate your wedding , specifically we are going to talk about beautiful corners that will make your wedding a unique, unforgettable and magical event. You will see how easy it is to prepare the decoration of some tables at the wedding that will create original spaces without it being artificial. So grab a pen and paper to jot down all the wedding inspiration that comes next.

Before we get into trouble, we want to let you know that there are photos in this wedding decoration post that you can find in our online store. And others, we have borrowed from Pinterest , where inspiration has no limits. We have chosen these and not others, simply because we loved them. Ready?

The welcome corner of a wedding

You probably already know that, above all, your guests need to feel welcomed. That's why decorating a wedding welcome corner is always a good idea .

When they arrive at the ceremony or banquet you have to make them feel special. How can you do it? Among other things, you will need a welcome sign where you can write what you would say to each person if you and your partner were receiving them personally as soon as you enter the celebration venue.

You can highlight all these corners and the decoration of the wedding tables that we are going to present to you below with a phrase or a word made up of Scrabble letters , a garland with jute fabric or sack flags or a light box. You will be right with any of these three alternatives and, above all, you will surprise your guests. But if you liked the idea of ​​Scrabble Letters, you can prepare your own by clicking on the photo.

Corners of fresh drinks to decorate at weddings

Obviously, with the good weather and outdoor weddings starting, cool drink corners are perfect to make the heat more bearable. It is very easy to create a corner where you can prepare various types of juices, cocktails, flavored water... If you don't like the idea of ​​combining them, you can make your space themed, for example, sangria, lemonades, juices or other soft drinks.

Whether you opt for the same dispenser model or if they are different from each other, they will look very beautiful. Your wedding guests will thank you for this refreshing decorative surprise. This type of location is very suitable for welcoming attendees before the ceremony begins.

1. The very cold beer corner at a wedding is a sure hit

Preparing a themed beer corner and also having it decorated beautifully is a plus at any wedding.

And at weddings they want very cold beers . It is a truth like a temple, especially in the heat of summer. There is nothing better than offering cool drinks to your guests during the cocktail party. If there is something that should be in a Beer Corner , it is a variety of beers , of different types (with lemon, wheat, black...), and also soft drinks . In general, it is the best place to locate bottled drinks , without having a waiter to serve them.

Decoration and beer corner is the same as a magical and different corner , because you can create wonderful spaces and you will brighten the day of your beer-loving guests. That's for sure! The truth is that they lend themselves to decoration. Here we bring you as an example a bar counter that is reminiscent of the cantinas of the Wild West. You can also place a board on two large barrels as a table and buckets with the different varieties of beer, you can even hang the buckets from a tree with ropes, rent barrels with taps...

Finally, the one that seems most original to us. Rescue a wooden trough , fill it to the top with ice and place the drinks.

And speaking of ice, if you create beverage corners, remember that it is something that cannot be missing in the containers you choose, to keep them cold.

Corners to decorate the ceremony at an outdoor wedding

1. Decorate spaces with elements to avoid the sun

When spring arrives, outdoor weddings begin to bloom like gardens and are so beautiful that we are completely surrendered to them. But if they are in full sun and without shade to shelter, it can be a nuisance for your guests. For this reason, we propose several corners that will look very beautiful at the event, that also do not need much decoration and that, at the same time, are practical . Those attending the link will appreciate it.

Did you know that when planning these corners , you have to take into account the general decoration style that you have chosen for B-Day? For example, if the style is more rustic country, a space with borsalino -type hats is perfect . On the other hand, for a romantic or vintage wedding, it is better to opt for fans or beautiful umbrellas (which are 100% chic , by the way). And if it is an event with a more modern trend, a table with hipster -style sunglasses will be ideal.

The most practical thing is to place them at the entrance to the space where the ceremony is going to be held, so that each guest takes theirs when they arrive.

2. Decorative corners for winter weddings

And in summer they are so necessary to avoid incidents with the sun so that guests are comfortable. But in winter it will be a nice detail for you to leave blankets so they can keep warm if they are cold .

In addition, you can take advantage and buy them in a color according to the wedding or with a beautiful print and place them gracefully in a basket, making a mountain or hanging from a wooden pallet, for example. And now you have your themed decorative corner against the cold. This one is that easy.

Decoration with corners that create themed spaces for unforgettable weddings

1. Alternatives to CandyBar

The CandyBar corner with its decorated tables full of sweets, cupcakes, cakes, sweets... have become a classic at all events. It is true that they arrived a few years ago from the United States to stay. Like everything, they have evolved, and currently there are many alternatives to prepare a space with sweets that is decorative and different at the same time.

An option that you can create for your wedding is to prepare a corner with a thematic element such as a cotton candy cart (there are some and they are very pretty), a candy table with wooden boxes simulating a fruit store , only with American cookie type cookies of different flavors...

As you can see the options are endless like candy. We have chosen two decorative spaces that we believe could give an original touch to a wedding: create a Donut Bar or a popcorn stand.

2. Magical corners for the wedding party

A wedding has several parts: the ceremony, the banquet and the celebration party.

Precisely, it is in this last part where the imagination can give free rein to decorate beautiful spaces that make a party an unforgettable and magical moment . Starting from the bar itself to serve drinks and cocktails and continuing through a special area to leave high-heeled shoes that you can also complement with baskets full of espadrilles, chanchas or slippers for your guests.

Currently, although there are fewer and fewer smokers, the Cigar Bar or Tobacco Table is becoming very fashionable at events . This type of corners It usually has a very vintage style , where wood and leather usually stand out in the decoration, with boxes, suitcases, some lace... in general it usually has a masculine air . Various types of cigars and cigarettes can be placed. Who doesn't let their hair down a little at a wedding?

As you can see, the ideas and options to create a decorative corner at your wedding are endless. You can design a thematic corner or a space with a special charm of practically any element. The golden rule is that it be practical and that it looks beautiful , that it goes with the style of the wedding and that it be surprising.

We encourage you to fill your wedding with magical corners that leave all attendees with their mouths open.

What do you have in mind? Have you thought about creating a corner to decorate your wedding? Was there an unforgettable space in your link?


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