Your wedding inspired by the 20s with 5 basic elements

You like vintage style. You want it at your wedding. And you also like the style of the 1920s where luxury, ostentation, gold and Charleston invaded everything in society at the beginning of the 20th century.

If you don't know where to start, here are 5 elements inspired by the book "The Great Gatsby" so you can start preparing this celebration you want.

This is the story of the image of a real wedding, the kind that is really celebrated. A few weeks ago Alfonso and Candela wrote to us because they wanted some very special invitations for their wedding. Although they really liked our designs from the online store , they wanted a more personal design. So we got to work so that the event had an original and truly different image.

And we created our most cinephile collection of vintage wedding collection in the purest 1920s Gatsby style.

This Gatsby-style wedding set is inspired by the elegance of the design of the early 20th century, where Art Nouveau was the artistic line of the moment, the Charleston invaded all the fashionable establishments, men dressed in elegant suits and women chose carefully wonderful headdresses to adorn their heads and endless pearl necklaces that hung from their stylish necks. It was the time of somewhat restrained ostentation, where luxury merged with elegance.

We saw the movie “The Great Gatsby” and we said to ourselves: “Ohhh, this is just what Alfonso and Candela need.” So… Ta-chan! our most luxurious design. These elements are what we wanted to capture in this very art nouveau collection .

A very original design for a 1920s style wedding

Gatsby model wedding invitations, inspired by Art Nouveau

The beautiful link cards have a different design than any other collection in our online store. They are elegant like the Roaring 20s were. They have that fashionable retro touch, which gives a special charm to these invitations inspired by the original 20s and with a lot of personality. In addition, the typography of the black texts and the frame that adorns the edge of the card are inspired by the Art Nouveau and Art Deco artistic styles.

It is an invitation design in the style of the roaring 20s , which is a trend today. Perfect for a vintage, romantic, special wedding... You can choose the black envelope, which looks very pretty, but if you want the card to be more original, we advise you to opt for the gold envelope , just like Alfonso and Candela did. The final result is spectacular.

Vintage Gatsby model wedding invitations

Gatsby waiter so that your banquet table numbers have a retro style

The different waiters are created in the purest 1920s style , with which to indicate the numbering of the tables at the wedding banquet. They follow the same vintage inspiration as the wedding invitations, with the gold frame decorating the edges of art nouveau lines and the typology in black.

If you choose this stationery, at Paper Invitations we recommend numbering the tables instead of giving them a name, since the large size numbers are totally original.

Original Minutes for a vintage-inspired menu

Like the entire vintage style pack for Vintage Gatsby events, the minutes to detail the link menu maintain the retro style design of the wedding invitation, with that air of the roaring 20s that characterizes all the elements of this collection.

If you decide to detail the banquet menu with these beautiful and elegant minutes, you will add a different touch to your wedding that will make it unforgettable and special.

The 20s also in the Labels and Stickers for your guests' gifts

The last element of this collection of retro stationery for original and different events are the labels for the guests' gifts .  and the stickers . With the same type of 1920s-inspired text and some Art Nouveau details, they are reminiscent of the wedding invitations from the Vintage Gatsby collection, so different from other designs in the online store.

Its design is simple. By tying or gluing them to the gifts that are going to be given to the guests, they will provide a retro and sophisticated air, present throughout the wedding.

If you want a wedding in the style of the movie and the book “Great Gatsby”, inspired by the Roaring 20s with all Art Nouveau decoration, this collection of vintage stationery for retro-style events is perfect for you.

How would you celebrate an event inspired by the roaring 20s?

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