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Gatsby lined envelopes

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Wrap your wedding invitation in the style of the Roaring 20s. And take care of the presentation of the invitations that you have prepared with so much love.

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Own and personalized designs. Prepared 100% artisanally in our own small workshop.

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There are 3 sizes to choose from, depending on your invitation.

  • PARTILLA Envelopes – They measure 16x22cm. For card-type invitations
  • SQUARE envelopes – Measure 16 x16 cm. For square invitations
  • LONG envelopes – They measure 11×22 cm. For long invitations

Minimum quantity, 50 envelopes.

The envelopes are made of 115g eco-friendly paper, which is thick and strong. Perfect for presenting your invitations.

Vintage Gatsby style lined envelope to accompany your wedding invitations

The linings to decorate the envelopes on the inside improve the presentation of your wedding invitations

Lined envelopes make wedding invitations stand out. It is a perfect wrapper for the link cards. But envelopes and invitations always have to look good. The truth is that lined envelopes have become very fashionable nowadays. Because with the lining the envelope is decorated inside. And this makes the guests very surprised when they open it. Lined envelopes are one of those small details that makes one wedding different from another. It makes the invitations special and makes them different. Envelope liners show guests that the bride and groom have cared and will care about all the details that a wedding entails. These envelopes decorated inside are from the vintage Gatsby collection.

Its design is very elegant. It has the same style as the 1920s Gatsby-inspired vintage wedding collection. Because this lined envelope is elegant, it denotes luxury, in a golden tone. That is why it would fit perfectly with simple, original and different wedding invitations that do not have many decorations. This way the set will be perfect. As we have already mentioned, it is inspired by elements of the 1920s. Such as straight lines, the gold color, luxury and ostentation. They are decorative elements from the 1920s, the Great Gatsby era from which this envelope liner is inspired.

These are also vintage wedding invitations inspired by the 1920s, Gatsby type. When accompanied with the elegant, vintage and gold lined envelopes, they enhance their appearance. Because that's what linings do for the inside of invitation envelopes. And you have to take care of the packaging of the invitations, especially if you made them yourself and you need some envelopes.

Choose a lined envelope to present the link invitations

The presentation of wedding invitations is very important. It is what will give the guests an idea of ​​what the event is going to be like. That is why it is important to choose the right lined envelope to wrap the invitations. The vintage gatsby envelope liner can be included in the flap on the inside of a white, kraft envelope. Also one cream and another black envelope. These are the envelope colors that look best with this lining. Because its design requires a neutral color. And it has a geometric design, in gold and white tone. It forms a kind of labyrinth. Thus remembering the decorative and architectural style of the 1920s. Where luxury and ostentation was the trend.

On the other hand, this lined envelope can be combined with very simple invitations. It's the way it would look good. But if you have another type of invitation, we have created a collection of countless lined envelopes to choose the most appropriate one for the wedding card. On the one hand, these envelope liners have very different designs. From the travel envelopes, with tropical, simple and elegant flowers painted in watercolor, to the most modern lined envelopes with geometric figures. And on the other hand, we have divided them by the sizes of the invitations. For this reason you can find lined envelopes for rectangular wedding invitations in A5.

You can also find envelopes with square inner lining. And, finally, the American envelopes decorated on the inside and adapted to elongated invitations. In this way all wedding invitations can be accompanied by beautiful and original lined envelopes. So that the image and aesthetics of the presentation of the link cards can be taken care of.

Add some accessories that improve the presentation of the wedding invitations

The lined envelope is a very important plus to the invitation. Because it surprises when you open it. Guests love seeing the outfit match. But there are other elements that can further improve the appearance of the presentation of the wedding invitations. This is, for example, using labels for the guests' names on the envelope. This label has a blank space to write the name of the person to whom the invitation is addressed. And the truth is that it looks very pretty. Guests love these types of details, because it shows them that you have personalized it just for them.

On the other hand, it can also be combined with a nice vintage personalized wedding stamp. Although it is a common and widely used detail at weddings, it looks very good. It can be used as a couple's signature or as a postmark. Always on the outside of the envelope. The usual thing is to mark the closure of the flap on the outside with the wedding seal. But you can leave it marked wherever you want.

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All types of paper have been manufactured with an environmentally friendly process. And they are 100% ecological with FSC certificate.

The envelopes are made of 115 gr paper. Which is thick, strong and soft to the touch,

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