Invitaciones de Boda con Mariposas Originales
Invitaciones de boda con mariposas y sobre artesano
Invitaciones de boda con mariposas en acuarela - butterfly - butt
Invitaciones de Boda Sencilla en Acuarela con Mariposa
Invitacion de Boda con Mariposas Acuarela - butterfly
Invitacion de Boda Sencilla con Mariposa en Acuarela - butterfly
Fajín para sobre de invitaciones de boda - butterfly

Butterfly wedding invitation with envelope and card

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Celebrate a wedding as sophisticated as the flight of butterflies. And stop thinking like a chrysalis to transform your Big Day into a spectacular butterfly.

With the invitation WE GIVE YOU:
- High quality normal peak envelopes.
- Card for additional information that your guests need to know but that you do not want to include in the invitation (account number, bus schedule, ceremony and/or banquet addresses, etc.)

Before printing, we will send you the design by email when it is finished so you can see how it looks.

Envelope lined inside: Choose an option

Lined envelope (+€0.95/unit)

Sash (with space for names): Choose an option

Without sash
With sash (+€0.65/unit)

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Minimum quantity 30 invitations

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Wedding invitations with butterflies


  • Front printed invitation
  • Normal peak envelope, the color you choose
  • Card for additional information that your guests need to know but that you do not want to include in the invitation (account number, bus schedule, ceremony and/or banquet addresses, etc.)

Measurement: 21 x 15cm.

Minimum amount – 30 units

Invitations are sent inside envelopes, ready to deliver. So that you only have to write the names of each guest and distribute them. Without you having to do anything else. And so you can dedicate the time it takes to set up and prepare each invitation to other wedding tasks.

300 gr white ecological Basic paper . Resistant, thick and does not break easily or bend at the ends.

Color digital printing included in the price only ahead. On the back in white.

Depending on the configuration you have on the screen of your computer, mobile phone or tablet or the model of your device, the color you see in the photos may vary compared to the real color of the product or from seeing it on one device to another. This is not our responsibility, but rather the responsibility of the device you are using.

From Paper Invitations, the original colors are the ones that appear on our design screens and those are the ones we are going to print. Any color variation that you perceive with respect to the website or from one device to another will be the responsibility of the manufacturer's screens or brand of your devices and you must go to them to solve it.

Wedding invitations with butterflies are perfect for a spring celebration

These wedding invitations have butterflies. They are truly original and beautiful. Each butterfly has a color and this gives a different style to this wedding invitation. And the cards are the letter of introduction of the event that is going to be celebrated and must capture the personality of the couple. On many occasions it is not given the importance it really has and that is a mistake when it comes to the idea that the guests have of what the wedding is going to be like. When a couple is not sure what style of celebration they are going to organize, it is best to choose simple style invitations.

These wedding cards are beautiful, they are elegant and will look good at any type of event. It doesn't matter if it is more modern or more classic, since the design of these cards fit into any of them. Like for example on your silver or gold wedding anniversaries. As well as any other special and intimate event.

The style of these wedding invitations is simple, perfect for different and conventional weddings. They have a modern touch that is provided by the chosen font. But at the same time, it compensates for the simplicity of the invitations themselves.

Wedding invitations with butterflies are original

On the other hand, these wedding invitations are original and very suitable for a young couple. They could perfectly serve as a card to invite to a different wedding. Because the illustration of each butterfly provides that elegant style that these animals have. In addition, these cards capture the elegance of the flight of butterflies. Therefore they also have a very sophisticated air that makes them simply perfect.

These invitations can be accompanied by a personalized wedding stamp also with butterflies. Also with envelopes decorated for simple weddings with watercolor butterflies

They offer several options to the bride and groom when designing their invitation. On one side the text would be written and the design of the second side focuses on filling it with butterflies. In any case, both the text and the butterflies are always printed in color and look like they were freshly painted in watercolor. Much of its charm lies in this design of the butterflies, which makes them very original. On the other hand, the paper can be chosen in white, with recycled and artisan or with seeds. The type of paper has micro waves that make them more different if possible.

Original wedding invitations with butterflies for very modern links

They are perfect for events with personality, special, unique and very charming. They are the memory of the most original and careful weddings. These wedding cards are designed with the strokes of a pencil. They are reminiscent of outdoor events in spring. A totally romantic souvenir that will appeal to wedding couples who take care of all the details in a simple and original way.

These beautiful cards inspired by nature for simple and modern weddings can be purchased in this online store of original and different wedding invitations. They are along with the entire collection of event stationery marked with the same simple and beautiful design. They belong to the butterfly collection, which floods your wedding with beautiful butterflies and makes it different and unique.

When will I recive my order

On average, invitation orders are usually delivered between 2 and 3 weeks from when you place your order. It is an estimate, which we have calculated order after order, because everything depends on the changes and touch-ups that your design needs. There are those who have it home in 2 weeks and other brides prefer to correct it more calmly.


Once you make your purchase, we begin to prepare your order the day after placing the order, as long as it is between Monday and Thursday. If you order on a Friday, weekend or holiday, we will start preparing it the next business day.

Between 3 and 5 business days (Monday to Friday, except when there are holidays) you will receive the design in your email so you can see how the invitation will look.

You can indicate text adjustments so that it looks the way you like. And when you see that it is good, tell us and we will print it. We will send you the corrected design up to 3 times (that's enough, really). If any more are necessary, there will be a financial supplement of €60 per extra test. Therefore, it is best that, after each one, you respond with a list of all the changes you want to make. That way it's much faster.

Shipping costs

Once your order is designed, printed and packaged, we prepare shipping. You will receive an email notifying you that your package has been delivered to the courier company. Shipping time starts from that email.

Shipping cost and time, depending on your destination

Spain (peninsula)

  • €4.95 standard 48/72h shipping. once the order is finished and ready to deliver.
  • FREE from €60 of order
  • FREE pickup at the workshop
  • URGENT shipping with a supplement to give priority to your order and prepare it in 5 business days+24 hours. of shipping.


  • €9.95 standard 72h shipping. once the order is finished and ready to deliver.
  • FREE from €150 order

Canary Islands

  • €13 by registered mail once it is finished and ready to deliver (subject to payment of customs taxes). Delivery within 7 working days
  • FREE from €300 of order, once it is finished and ready to deliver (subject to payment of customs taxes). Delivery within 7 working days

Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal):

  • €15 standard 5-day shipping. once the order is finished and ready to deliver
Urgent order

If you need us to prepare and ship your order urgently or to manufacture it in fewer days than we indicate, in the cart you will see several shipping options, choose “Express Shipping”.

In this way we assure you that we will give priority to your order, putting it ahead of other orders that have been made to us before yours. And that we will design and prepare your order in 5 business days and, once it is ready to ship, delivery will be within 24 hours.

We will inform you of the entire process by email.

Frequent questions

What does the invitation include?

The invitation comes in a pack so you can save a few euros on your wedding. This price includes the invitation, the envelope and the card for the account number.

Will I be able to see the design before printing them?

Of course. Both in products from the online store and in personalized designs.

We will send you the design in digital form so you can see how it looks.

After viewing them, in the response email you can point out any adjustments to the text that you think are necessary. So that the product is just the way you want it.

You will receive the design in digital format in your email for the first time between 4 and 5 business days, after confirming your order.

Do you do quantity discounts?

There is no quantity discount, because it seems unfair to us that to get cheaper prices you have to buy more than 200 or 300 invitations. The price you see is the guaranteed minimum. The one that would cost you the highest amounts, even if you only order 25 invitations.

How do I customize it?

You don't have to worry about doing anything. We already do it for you. You just have to leave us all the data and text necessary for the design and the creative part, we will take care of it.

We have prepared some spaces for you to leave us all the information we need for the design of this product.

What can I change about the design?

You can customize the name that appears in the box. And we will create it with the same letters and colors that you see in the photo.

In the catalog designs it is not planned to change the colors, the fonts, the order of the elements and illustrations that appear or add others. We know that this combination is the best for this sheet, because we have previously done many tests until we found the design you see. We know that it looks very good this way. But we cannot assure you that what you imagine will turn out well.

But, if you still want to do it, ask us, because if there are many changes and it involves modifying the original design, we would be talking about a personalized design. And this has other costs and another way of working that we will have to evaluate with you.

How long does it take you to do it?

We will begin to prepare your order the day after placing the order, as long as it is between Monday and Thursday. If you order on a Friday, weekend or holiday, we will start preparing it the next business day.

You will receive your order in 2 or 3 weeks.

Do I have to buy the envelopes separately?

Of course not.

The envelope is also included in the price of all invitation models. Both wedding and first communion.

What can I customize?

The text, which you can write however you want. With your own style.

The one that appears in the photo is just an example. If you like it, we can leave it. But the text of the invitation is something so personal that we prefer to stay out of it, unless you need us to guide you a little. Only you know how you want to announce to your guests how happy it makes you that they accompany you on your wedding day. Write it in your own style.

Can I make changes to the design?

Minor touch-ups can be made. For example, change the font for another style that you like more, raise or lower the intensity of a color. We can also remove a small detail like a heart or an arrow because it doesn't convince you, as well as add others with which you identify more...

That is, we will touch up details as long as the general design of the product is maintained.

But if you want to make a major modification or add an element that would mean retouching the initial design, the best thing you can do is tell us your idea.

And we will make an assessment. If we consider that it does not affect the design, we will change it without problem.

Otherwise, we will create a budget so you can make a decision.

What type of paper does it carry?

All types of paper have been manufactured with an environmentally friendly process. And they are 100% ecological with FSC certificate.

The invitation is printed on 300 gr ecological white paper. thick. It is a paper from our Basic range, which is very resistant, it is thick, the printing looks very good and the colors are beautiful. It stays straight when they are reading the invitation and does not curve back. Its texture is smooth and soft.

But if you want to take your invitation to another level you can switch to Premium White Cotton Paper. It has 300g. It is thick and resistant. And 100% sustainable and recycled. With a soft and artisanal touch.

What makes this paper special is that it is made only from used white cotton clothing (t-shirts, for example) and is given a second life.

It is an ecological paper that is manufactured without cutting a single tree, without chemical bleaches and that reuses the materials.

How is the printing?

Digital printing on a professional printer (no printers we have at home). It is in color on both sides of the paper. The ink does not stain your fingers or smear when touched.

Depending on the configuration you have on the screen of your computer, mobile phone or tablet, the color you see in the photos may vary from the actual color of the product. For us, the original colors are those that appear on our design screens and those are the ones we are going to print. Any color variation that you perceive compared to the website will be the responsibility of the screens of your devices.

When will you ship my order?

Once it is printed, we prepare the shipment. We will notify you by email when it is in the hands of the courier service.

What do I do if I need my order urgently?

If you need us to prepare your order urgently in less than a week, write us an email to or a WhatsApp from here so we can assess how we can help you.

Who is responsible if my order is delayed?

When your order leaves our facilities and we leave it in the hands of the courier service, the responsibility for ensuring that you receive it within the time stipulated for your destination and in perfect condition lies with the Parcel Company. Because from that moment on they are the ones who look after your order. In the same way that if they go to the address you have given us and no one answers, they will call you and you will be the one who must be responsible for making a new delivery with the delivery person.

You can let us know if any problem of this type occurs and we will help you in everything we can to solve it as soon as possible, but you must understand that we send shipments to an external company that is not part of Invitaciones de Papel. For this reason we cannot control or set the pace of work that we would like.

Do you ship outside of Spain?

We ship to some countries in Europe. Write to us and ask if we can send yours, so we can assess if we can help you.

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Invitaciones personalizadas y muy bonitas

Hicimos las invitaciones de la boda en Invitaciones de Papel y, la verdad, que hicieron un muy buen trabajo. Queríamos algo muy personalizado y original, y supieron cubrir todas nuestras necesidades.