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Foto tamaño natural de carton bodas de oro
Foto a tamaño real en cartón o standee de caballo y jinete

Real size couple photo

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Are your parents going to celebrate their silver or golden wedding and do you want to surprise them?
Imagine the look on their faces when they see their photo from their wedding day, 25 or 50 years ago, in wedding dresses and life-size.

WE GIVE YOU the folding stand to put it upright placed on the figure.

The photo must be at least 2 Mb in quality. Photos shared by WhatsApp and screenshots are useless, they remain blurry.

Do you want to know if your photo is useful? Send it to us at and we'll check it for free.

IMPORTANT: Minimum manufacturing and shipping time of 15 days.

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It is made of resistant cardboard more than 1 cm thick.

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You must write the height of the person so that we can make it to your real size.

The figures are made of 1.2 cm thick cardboard. Therefore they are hard, rigid. They are not going to bend in half.

It includes the support to stand them up and remains completely straight. We send it prepared so that you only have to unfold a part of the support and place it where you want.

The printing is done the same as in the photo you send us . With the same quality (sharp, blurry, pixelated, in color, black and white or an old photo). The figure will look just as you send it to us in the photo.

Depending on the configuration you have on the screen of your computer, mobile phone or tablet, the color you see in the photos may vary from the actual color of the product. For us, the original colors are those that appear on our design screens and those are the ones we are going to print. Any color variation that you perceive compared to the website will be the responsibility of the screens of your devices.

Directions for the photo


Full body image (from head to toe of shoe)
Let the person appear standing, face-on, and be as close as possible so that all their physical details can be clearly seen.
That the person has their arms close to the body (for example like those in our photos). This model CANNOT be performed if you have one or both arms open, extended upwards or with your hands on your waist.

1.We recommend that the photos have a minimum quality or resolution of 2 Mb or Megabits (if it has more, the better). You can check this if you open the photo on a computer, right click and look at the properties

2. If it has fewer Megabits or Mb or they are in Kb or Kilobytes it will look bad, blurry. And, before we start making the figure, we already know that it is not going to look good and that you are not going to like it when you receive it. Then you will tell us “It looks blurry”, “I expected something else”, “It didn't turn out as I imagined”, “The photo looks bad”, “It's not what I expected”, “It has bad resolution”… and all because The photo does not have the necessary quality. We have already informed you of what is going to happen, but you are free to listen to us or not.

3. We want you to know that we are not responsible for the quality of your photo. If it is not of good quality, it is beyond repair. Not even a professional photographer could improve it. If you send us a specific photo, that is the one we will use, since we understand that you have chosen it with the necessary quality, because you really like it or because you know how it will look.

4. The photos that have been shared with you on WhatsApp are useless, because they remain blurry. And the app automatically reduces the quality a lot and it will be blurry.

5. The best photos are those taken by a professional photographer. But if it is not possible, one that you have made with your camera or with a good mobile phone will also look great and the closer the better. Send us the one with the highest quality or largest size.

6. It is also possible to use a photo that you have on paper.
You just have to scan it. You must follow these steps:

-When you scan, you will find a “Custom” option or something similar. It is the option to choose the pixels or dpi.
-Write at least 1200 (if you have more, the better. For example, 1500 or 2000)
-As for the size, you can leave it with 1.5 Mb or 2Mb.
-And that would be it. Now hit the scan button and send us the photo

When will I recive my order

The figure is ready to ship within 7-10 business days (Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and holidays).


Once you make your purchase, we begin to prepare your order the day after placing the order, as long as it is between Monday and Thursday. If you order on a Friday, weekend or holiday, we will start preparing it the next business day.


When the figure is created and ready, we prepare the shipment. We will notify you by email when it is in the hands of the courier service.


When your order leaves our facilities and we leave it in the hands of the courier service, the responsibility for ensuring that you receive it within the time stipulated for your destination and in perfect condition lies with the Parcel Company. Because from that moment on they are the ones who look after your order. In the same way that if they go to the address you have given us and no one answers, they will call you and you will be the one who must be responsible for making a new delivery with the delivery person.

You can let us know if any problem of this type occurs and we will help you in everything we can to solve it as soon as possible, but you must understand that we send shipments to an external company that is not part of Invitaciones de Papel. For this reason we cannot control or set the pace of work that we would like.

Shipping costs

Once your order is designed, printed and packaged, we prepare shipping. You will receive an email notifying you that your package has been delivered to the courier company. Shipping time starts from that email.

Shipping cost and time, depending on your destination

Spain (peninsula)

  • €4.95 standard 48/72h shipping. once the order is finished and ready to deliver.
  • FREE from €60 of order
  • FREE pickup at the workshop
  • URGENT shipping with a supplement to give priority to your order and prepare it in 5 business days+24 hours. of shipping.


  • €9.95 standard 72h shipping. once the order is finished and ready to deliver.
  • FREE from €150 order

Canary Islands

  • €13 by registered mail once it is finished and ready to deliver (subject to payment of customs taxes). Delivery within 7 working days
  • FREE from €300 of order, once it is finished and ready to deliver (subject to payment of customs taxes). Delivery within 7 working days

Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal):

  • €15 standard 5-day shipping. once the order is finished and ready to deliver
Frequent questions

How do I know if the photo I have will look good?

Well, we can do a test before you place the order. Send us that photo and we will review it before you place your order. Our e-mail is

Are photos taken with a mobile phone useful?

It all depends on the quality of the photo and whether it is close or far away. The best thing is that you send us the photo to and we will take a look at it before you place the order.

How far in advance do I have to order the figure?

At least 15 or 20 days before you need it. It is the minimum time we need to prepare it and send it to you without stress.

What material is the figure made of?

The figures are made of 1.2 cm thick cardboard. Therefore they are hard, rigid. They are not going to bend in half. Withstands a party without problems.

If I need it for this week or next week and pay for express shipping, can you do it?

No, we're sorry. Between manufacturing and shipping, we need at least 10 business days (Monday to Friday, weekdays and holidays do not count). And that's how long it will take to send it, because we can't do it any faster.

If you need it sooner, you can order it but always knowing that if it does not arrive when you need it, it is your responsibility. Because, with less than 10 days, we cannot ensure that you can receive it on time and therefore we cannot assume any type of responsibility or claim on your part.

In any case, if you want to consult us, write us an e-mail to or a WhatsApp from here so we can assess how we can help you.

I have downloaded a photo from the Internet, can I make the figure with that image? Will it be good?

By proxy, you can your order. Nothing stops you. Although we want to warn you that the photos on the internet have a fairly low quality and when you enlarge them to a natural size they look blurry and the figures come out like this, blurred or pixelated. Without seeing the photo we already know that it is not going to look good, but the decision is yours.

Does a photo that has been shared with me on WhatsApp work?

The same thing happens with the photos on the internet. WhatsApp lowers the quality of the photos a lot so that the app does not crash. So when they are blown up to actual size, they look blurry.

And a screenshot?

It doesn't work either. What's more, in that case we don't even try. We would refund your money, because we already know that it is not going to be good.

Do you send figures outside of Spain?

Cardboard figures cannot be sent outside of Spain, since it is a very large package and we cannot guarantee that it will arrive perfectly.

If you still want to ask us a question, write us an email to or WhatsApp so we can assess how we can help you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rosana Moliner Pérez

Mis suegros celebraban sus Bodas de Oro y decidimos hacerles una figuras personalizadas a tamaño real. Lo quisimos hacer como algo gracioso y acabó siendo el alma de la fiesta. Todos quedamos encantados. Mis suegros los primeros. Quedaron alucinados! No daban crédito cuando se vieron a tamaño real en su boda y todos pudimos disfrutar de un photocall con los novios de hace 50 años y los novios actuales ;) Sin dudarlo lo recomendaría una y mil veces. Además en todo momento estuve súper bien asesorada, aconsejada y dándome todas las opciones posibles para que quedara todo genial, que así fue.
Muchas gracias Débora por vuestro trabajo y vuestra implicación.

Nos alegramos muchísimo del éxito de la foto a tamaño real, eso es lo más importante. ¡Es que menuda sorpresa! La verdad es que quedo muy chula, porque la ocasión lo merecía. Que cumplir 50 años de casados... no es cualquier cosa.
Gracias a ti, Rosana, por contar con nosotras para esta celebración tan especial.
Un abrazo enorme,
Débora y Leonor

Lorena Prego
Lo recomiendo para hacer un regalo original

Celebramos las bodas de oro de mis padres y quería hacerles un regalo original, me decidí por una foto a tamaña real de su primera boda y la verdad es q no pudo salir mejor. Me atendieron muy bien y me dieron un montón de soluciones e ideas, el pedido fue súper rápido y la entrega genial, lo recomiendo 100%